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All of the learning suggestions are important .But some are essential .According to a survey of 10,000 Elementary and Middle School principals, the most important ways that the parents can help their children learn:

  • Listen and talk with your children. Pay consistent attention to their questions and feelings.
  • Show pride in your children’s academic growth and accomplishments.
  • Regularly encourage children with their schoolwork.
  • Instill a strong work ethic in children.
  • Help children perceive themselves as capable problem solvers.
  • Give Priority to schoolwork, reading and other academic activities over nonacademic Endeavour’s like television, music, videos and recreation.
  • Emphasize regular, planned use of time in the home for studying, playing and eating meals.
  • Read aloud to your children, and have them read to you.
  • Set standards and expectations for your children.
  • Get to know children’s current school work and school activities.
  • Help with home when needed.
  • Encourage regular discussion with your children and find opportunities to enlarge vocabulary and sentence patterns.
  • Get to know your children’s academic strengths and weaknesses.
  • Make structure for routine and punctuality priorities for activities at home.
  • Make frequent use of books, newspapers and periodicals.
  • Have a quiet place for your children to study at home, with appropriate reference materials available for use.

All of these behaviors were rated essential or highly desirable by at least 85 percent of the principals surveyed. They cut across all categories of the survey and are listed in order of priority.

Parents Communication to Academy:

Parent Teacher Interaction is an important and integral part of the child's holistic development. At Parampara Academy, we recognize that continued collaboration between the teachers and the parents is an essential component and is duly maintained. In view of the above, organized interaction as well as interactions through appointments are conducted.

Organized Parents-Teacher Interaction is conducted as per a pre-intimated schedule.

Apart from the planned interactions, the parents may be called for feedback, discussion and interaction by the Principal or the teachers. The parents can also meet the Principal or the teacher on any working day during the school hours after an appointment through phone or mail. In addition, the Principal or the teacher may interact with the parent in person, through a note in this handbook or through phone.

Phone no of the teachers will not be made available to the parents. It is only official. Parents can talk to the Principal, only during the office hours.

The day-to-day communication with the parents is through the student's almanac. Read the notes written by the teachers in the academy almanac and acknowledge the circulars that are sent home.

Parents will adhere to the following:

  • All visitors are expected to report to the front office on arrival
  • Visitors to the Academy must respect the learning environment and maintain proper behavior and decorum
  • They shall wait in the reception for the Principal / teacher to meet them
  • No Parents will be appreciated for visiting the classrooms during the working hours.

Raising issues / Matters of Concern with the Academy:

In case, any parent wishes to raise an issue of concern which is of unpleasant or confidential in nature, he / she could speak to the Principal through phone or meet him in person or mail the concerns to the personal id of the Principal: The matter will be addressed and the parents will be intimated of the actions taken or issues corrected.


Student's attendance is the key to effective learning. Absence from Academy has a substantial negative effect on the performance. Hence, the student needs to be in class every day, on time.

If a child is going to be absent from academy, the parent / guardian is expected to contact the office explaining the reason and the length of time the student is expected to be on leave. This can be done through phone, email, or SMS and submit the written note one week prior to going on leave. In case of emergency, where the child has not informed, on returning child has to carry a filled record of absence in the student’s almanac.

A small number of absences may be justified if your child:

  • Has an unavoidable medical or dental appointment (preferably these should be made after academy hours or during weekends).
  • Is too sick to go to academy, or has an infectious illness.
  • Has to go to special religious ceremony.
  • Is required to attend a serious and / or urgent family situation.

In case of illness beyond three days, a medical certificate from a Registered Medical Practitioner for the period of absence has to be submitted to the academy. Parents are requested to plan their vacation / program in such a way that it coincides with the holidays of the academy.

Leave will not be granted on the days of tests / examinations except for extreme compassionate / unavoidable circumstances. The parent has to intimate such absence in advance except in case of illness. Students are expected to attend the academy on the last working day and on reopening day after every vacation.

Attendance and Minimum Attendance Requirement:

It is compulsory for students to complete 80% attendance every semester to make them eligible for the semester exams. Continued absence without leave or unexplained absence for more than two weeks at a stretch, without prior permission from the Principal, will tantamount to student having left the academy.

Health and Safety:

As soon as the children enter the academy grounds their safety and security is one of our priorities. Students will abide by the academy rules and ensure all safety precautions.

Sickness and Medical Examination

The Academy has a medical room where the student can rest in case of any illness during the academy hours and First Aid will be provided if needed, otherwise Parents will be informed of the situation at the earliest and will be requested to come and pick up the child

The academy will attend to any emergencies

Annual Medical Examinations will be conducted once a year and a report forwarded to the parent for follow up, in case, recommended by the Doctor.

Do not send your child to academy when he / she is suffering from an infectious disease.

Food Habits:

General Suggested Food:

Students are advised to bring healthy and nutritious food for lunch and snacks break. Please try and avoid aerated drinks and unhealthy snacks. Bubble gums and chewing gums are prohibited in the academy premises.

Note: Students are not encouraged to arrive an hour before the academy start time or stay back after the academy ends.

General Code of Conduct and Behaviour

A Balanced Approach:

Our discipline policies set out a balanced approach recognizing the deep connections between student's achievement, conduct and behaviour. They are based on developing student's responsibilities, encouraging respect and creating good conditions for effective teaching and learning. The academy's discipline policy aims to be the foundation for a safe, happy and productive learning environment.

Rules of the Academy

The following actions will be considered as violation of rules.

  • Fighting: Both parties contributing.
  • Unprovoked assaulting of a student or staff.
  • Threatening or verbal abuse to staff or students.
  • Harassment in the form of using abusive language, making gestures, writing graffiti, or sexual biasness, caste, age, religion or disability.
  • Bullying: includes any written or verbal expression, electronic abuse, physical act, or gesture or a pattern thereof that is intended to cause distress upon one or more students.
  • Willful damage of academy, staff, or student property
  • Theft: stealing or attempting to steal private or academy property
  • Possession of cell phone, cash, valuables, other electronic gadgets
  • Possession of any printed material other than the prescribed text books, papers or Periodicals
  • Cheating or use of unfair means in tests / examinations
  • Tampering with marks in the progress report and other academy certificates
  • Misuse of internet facilities

Misuse of internet facilities

  • Everyone should maintain absolute silence in the library.
  • No one should write, damage or make any mark on any book, manuscript or magazine belonging to the library.
  • The one who subscribes a book will be responsible for any damage done to the books and shall be required to replace the book or to pay the value of the book.
  • Students are expected to report to the librarian about any damage or missing pages at the time of receiving the book.
  • Students are expected to read as many books as possible during the academic year.
  • Students should bring the student's Almanac to the library to get the books issued.
  • Library books will not be issued in the absence of the Librarian.

Special Note: Adorning with flowers, hair bands, gold jewellery, bangles are strictly prohibited. Girls have to come to academy either in ponytail or double plaits. From the point of view of personal safety, we recommend that children do not wear valuable ornaments. Academy will not be held liable in case of any loss. Girls are prohibited from applying makeup, growing long nails and application of nail polish.

Rules Regarding Uniform:

The academy emphasizes on the academy uniform. Students are expected to respect the academy uniform and are compulsorily required to attend academy, wearing proper uniform on all the working days. It is the duty of the parents to ensure that their wards come to academy neatly dressed.

  • Each pupil is expected to possess at least two sets of regular uniform and one set of white uniform.
  • It is compulsory for every student wear a clean uniform to academy and also for academy functions. Parents will be intimated if their wards are habitual uniform defaulters.
  • Only white canvas for Saturdays and black leather shoes for regular days are to be used.
  • Fancy black and white shoes of different brands are not permitted.
  • Uniform materials should not bear any self-design on them.
  • Boys are permitted to wear belts provided by the academy.
  • Uniform should be washed and ironed daily.
  • Girls are expected to come in double plaits, boys are expected to maintain short, trimmed hair.
  • Students are permitted to come in decent civil dress on their birthdays and join the choir in the morning assembly that will be hosted by the academy.
  • Either when the students who do not wear sports T-Shirt during P.E.T. periods or when the students who wear sports T-Shirt when there is no P.E.T periods are considered as uniform defaulters.
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