Beyond Academics


"Sports is given paramount importance in Parampara Academy. Vast lush green sports field with the state of the art Basket Ball Court, Volley Ball Court, Cricket Net Practice, 200 meter track, Foot Ball ground, and Tennis caters to the sports needs of the kids. A qualified Physical Education Teacher takes care of the sports activities. Apart from these, children are also given classes on Robotics, Yoga and Taekwondo."


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Co-curricular activities

Co-curricular activities are conducted during the school hours. Activities such as literary, art, music, dance / oratory, yoga and many more are organized. These activities are such that majority of the students would participate. Support in the form of training, supervision and guidance are provided by the teachers. Morning assemblies, various competitions and other activities have been scheduled throughout the year to provide opportunities to the child to exhibit their talents.

360˚ Learning

We offer a wide range of coaching that nurtures the children to grow optimally at every stage.


Meditation helps in self-awareness and in awareness of the world around. The power of knowing through concentration of body, mind and soul that in turn helps to remain focused on all activities on day to day basis. It is a powerful training that controls the child’s behavior emotionally, mentally, socially and spiritually.


Sports activities are part of the physical education period in the scheme of work. Over and above this, Inter House Sports competitions are conducted to promote team spirit and sportsmanship. Expert coaches teach various indoor and outdoor sports. Lower class students are trained by experienced teachers to develop age-appropriate motor skills and a healthy physique.

Basic Economics

Economics is present in every walk of life. Basic economics is very important for children, so that they know how the real world works in terms of goods, services and money.

Life Skill Coaching

Child mentors are trained to ensure that children are taught on everyday life skills. This helps in shaping an individual’s character as necessary for global living. It gives a clear vision on how to adapt to the changing society without forgetting our traditions and culture.

Logical and Reasoning Skill

We know that children will get excited & enthusiastic when it comes to playing games. That’s why our program was designed to develop skills in visual discrimination, pattern awareness, sorting & classifying, sequencing, number sense, and letter recognition – all this, while your child is having fun playing with the board game

This game provides a lot of practice for those who need additional reinforcement and it also offers more challenges to those who are ready to advance in their thinking skills. Parents can rest well knowing that this program has been developed by experienced pedagogues and it has been tested for its effectiveness of developing the thinking skills of children.

Reading and reference skill

Reading is the most important skill children will ever learn. It’s the tool your child needs the most at school, and it is essential for nearly every job and career.

Learning to read takes time and it takes you. Reading isn’t something children can just pick up, like learning to talk. It’s complicated. Children need you to encourage them to work at it, and to keep trying if they get frustrated.

Your children also need to see how exciting reading can be. They will learn this every time you share a wonderful story with them, or open a book about fascinating people, places or things. It’s up to you show them that reading is far more than just a subject taught in school – it’s the doorway to lifetime of learning, creating, discovering, and succeeding.

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