About US

Our Values

Imagine a learning environment which enables & empowers every student to:

  • Be equipped for life & career in the 21st Century.
  • Discover their unique, inherent talents.
  • Enjoy every moment of learning process.
  • Ask more & smarter questions and perform better.
  • Inculcate values & become responsible citizens of tomorrow.
  • Use Technology with relevance & responsibility.

Parampara Academy is committed create such a learning environment. Parampara deeply cares for values and belief and aim for a perfect balance of complementary factors: ancient and modern, traditional & innovative

Mission & Vision


To ensure that every student leaves our campus equipped with increased knowledge, adequate skills, and the right attitude to appreciate, and promote the Indian ethos, culture and harmony.


Provide exposure and knowledge gained from years of traditional culture combined with the vision of modern technology 25 years ahead. To appreciate the continuum of all the past generations into the future ones, with each of us as a link.

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