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Sr.Secondary Stage

Group1, Group2, Group3

Group1 - Mathematics, Science & Biology

Group2 - Mathematics, Science & Computer Science

Group3 - Commerce

Periodic I August 80 Marks
Term I October 80 Marks
Periodic II December 80 Marks (Syllabus of I Term Book)
Periodic III January 80 Marks
Term II March 80 Marks

  • 1. Both Marks and Grades are given in the Assessment Sheets and Report Cards. Tests are written in the Test Note Books and returned to the parents. Parents are requested to sign and return.
  • 2. Assessment is not only based on academic performance, but also on attitude, values, sports and other Co -curricular activities.
  • 3. Apart from this, parents need to meet the teachers to discuss the progress of the child during the Parents- Teachers meeting that takes place once in every Semester.

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